Cloud Services

We offer different services on the cloud in our servers according to our clients’ needs:

Domains Registrations

Now you can register your domains internationally using our registration system using .com, .net, .org including extensions such as .club, .io, .cloud.

E-Mail Hosting

When making business, it is essential to trust in each other. Emails ending in ‘’ or ‘’ are easy to create an as easy to disappear, making them seem unreliable and unprofessional. That is why at X-Red.Com we believe that it is important to have an email with the name of your business to display professionalism and the reliance that your clients need.

We provide hosting service of emails for companies with access to webmails, SMTP, POP and IMAP protocols using encryption in all the communications. Our servers allow the use of email lists, autoresponders, email alias and email forwarding. All our administration is done through a fast and efficient web system.

Security Certificates

We are providers of security certificates to enable encryption in your web site.

Using encryption protocols all the information that your web server sends to your clients will be protected. Nobody will be able to read or modify that information while is transferred through the Internet.

In these days, protecting business information is essential, especially if your website manage information of customers and electronic transactions.


We have years of experience installing, setting up and administrating databases such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.  In our servers, stability is guaranteed.

Asterisk servers

With our remote high technology, it is not necessary to have a server in your office. Our company can provide you with IP telephonic system based on the Asterisk Server. Including services such as calls on hold.